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Who Is Scott Van Zen?
Scott Van Zen has spent the past 40 years learning, playing, and teaching guitar. He has become an acclaimed guitarist, songwriter, composer, and producer.

He is a pro guitarist and has played with performers like Brian Howe from Bad Company, Gene Simmons of KISS, and DOVE Award-winner Ken Tamplin.

If your TV has been on in the last 20 years you have likely heard his music backing movies, TV and commercials.

Scott Has Recorded 1,000+ Songs

in Film, TV and Advertising for brands like these below.

"I've played guitar for 45 years and Scott's lessons are the best, hands down. I always say if you want to find a teacher, find someone who you want to play like..."

Ed Monaghan

Listen to Scott Play

Here's a sample reel of Scott getting warmed up. Enjoy!


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