STRUMZ | Shred Rock/Metal/Blues Video Guitar Lessons Online
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Strumz is a comprehensive video series that teaches the basics of timing, rhythm and strumming. You’ll also learn the secrets that I’ve used personally for my professional sessions and performances. With these secrets, you will learn to play musical styles such as reggae, ska, shuffle and more.

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Running Time = 57 Minutes and 59 Seconds
Download size = 1.99 GB

  • Strumz Introduction
  • Timer & Counter
  • Timing & Beats
  • Rhythm Study – Down Up Down
  • Train Rhythm
  • High Low Funk Rhythm Strumming
  • One String Rhythm
  • No Pick Strum Exercise
  • Bo Diddley Rhythm
  • Swampy Thump Finger Style Study
  • Reggae Rhythm
  • Shuffle Rhythm
  • Ska Rhythm
  • Using Delay with Rhythm
  • Technique Talk
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